Independent medical consultants to assess the cost of injuries due to accidents and/or clinical negligence.

Tierney Associates give you access to a full range of independent medico-legal experts.

Ethical, impartial & holistic approach in our assessments, considering the needs of the caregivers and family,as well as the client.

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Please note we are in the process of changing our telephone line. Please contact +447729 901299 in the interim.

How does the service work?

  1. Following instructions from the Solicitor/insurer/claimant, our terms of engagement are sent out.


  3. Upon acceptance of the terms, Tierney Associates request as much information as possible about the case so that we can identify the most appropriate expert to deal with the case. We want to match the case to the professional who has the expertise to give the best possible assessment.


  5. An assessment typically takes place in the client's residence or a mutually suitable location. We prefer to carry out the assessment in the client's home so we can better comment on its suitability or the adaptations required. We also carry out assessments in the hospital or residential and care homes.


  7. Tierney Associates discuss the situation with the family and relevant people involved in the care of the client.


  9. We provide two copies of the final report within the agreed time and usually 5 weeks or less from the date of assessment.


  11. Tierney Associates experts attend case conferences, meetings and court to defend our report if required.